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The Seam Trail Study

The Seam Vision Statement

The Seam will be a transformative corridor that stitches our Carolina Thread Trail communities together with a convenient and inviting active transportation spine from Statesville to Pineville that provides comfortable walking and biking accessibility to people of all ages and abilities, builds upon and optimizes the regional bicycle, pedestrian, and transit network, prioritizes equitable investments in marginalized communities, and celebrates the region’s rich history and cultural diversity.

A Brief History of The Seam

The Seam builds upon the foundational work completed more than ten years ago, in the Mooresville to Charlotte Trail (MCT) Technical Report. The 2013 report sets a framework for a 30-mile trail from Mooresville to Uptown Charlotte, making connections to Davidson, Cornelius, and Huntersville, and generally following the future Red Line commuter rail alignment. The MCT Report envisions an alignment that could occur with or without the future parallel Red Line but considers future rail stations in its planning.

The MCT was rebranded The Seam in 2021, and the alignment was significantly extended north and south of its original MCT limits. The Seam alignment currently being studied is more than 50-miles long, from Statesville to the South Carolina state line. Although there is a strong desire for rapid transit service in North Mecklenburg County, the Red Line has several implementation challenges pertaining to the utilization of Norfolk Southern’s existing rail line and, as of 2019, there is still no clear path forward for the future commuter rail. The study is still considering the future transit line in its planning, with the understanding that The Seam will likely function as a standalone trail project.

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